University Recruitment & Admission Teams: New Trends Require New Approaches -
AI Chatbots
Using Chatbots will make Universities & Business Schools closer to applicants and boost enrollment
Improve university marketing activities
Reach prospective students where they spend most of their time.
Discover applicants from different social groups & engage with them in deep communication. You'll know exactly who they are & what they want.
Conduct international attraction of applicants in different languages 24/7/365.


Attract prospective students or their parents with ChatBot technologies.
Build funnels to assist with initial questions and focus on specialized inquiries.
Get contact info: Emails, Phones, etc. Qualify and segment prospective students & their parents through natural conversations. Establish permanent relationships using popular messenger channel. Integrate with CRM systems.

Increase efficiency of attraction & admission
Navigate future students across your educational programs, courses, financial aid options, facilities, admission, scholarships, etc. Give instant and structured answers to repetitive, predictable questions, FAQ, etc.
Easily activate Referral programs engaging current students, alumni and rewarding them.

Increase the satisfaction of potential students & show your university
Show your university's life and share events & useful info. Answer simple but important for students questions like "How many students are there?" or "What team sports do you have?" Share videos, pictures...
For those who are admitted make life easier and simplify the On-boarding process.

Our extensive experience in the Admission process
at your serve

Industry experience
Our story includes 15 years of professional practice in the sphere of graduate admission and career consulting. We have provided a wide range of support for those seeking admission to the best business-schools and universities worldwide. Hundreds of applicants were successfully admitted.
We know the admission process
from A to Z

Our expertise is based on the applicants needs. We know their inquiries, expectations, fears. We can read between the lines, we can calm and motivate, we can win the best applicants and students with you and for you.
Applicants' expectations
For many years we have educated people interested in business education about business schools and their communities, as well as brought together future students and b-school alumni.
We took part in global educational expos, arranged meetings with business and academic leaders and webinars, facilitated Q&A sessions. We helped the both parties find each other.

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