AIBotPlanet - innovative way of
attracting & enrolling future students
with prebuilt AI Chatbots
How it works
Landing Page &
Chatbot Activation
We activate employers' branded job landing pages and set up their prebuilt Recruitment Chatbots to increase candidates engagement and activate selection.
Targeted Advertising & Referral Recruitment w/ Chatbot Start
We start Targeted Advertising and launch Referral Recruitment campaign with company's employees to attract candidates to landing page and Chatbot.
Candidates Engagement & Selection
The prebuilt chatbots answer questions, score candidates, connect pre-screened applicants directly with hiring managers, schedule interviews, etc.
Start using the Next Big thing (Messenger Marketing) and activate the most popular communication channels.
Use technologies which candidates/ applicants love and use everyday.
Reduce costs & time
Improve the efficiency of your talent acquisition activities. Drastically cut the recruitment & time costs per hire. No interfere with any of your existing practices, we just complement them.
Enhance your Employer Brand
Show your culture and make candidates engagement personalised & unforgettable. Let AI-powered bots communicate with candidates naturally 24/7/365.
Features of prebuilt Recruitment Chatbots
Job landing page
w/ prebuilt Chatbots
Engage your employees into the referral program with no new apps but in the messenger they love and use everyday.
Targeted Advertising
Advertising campaigns for Chatbots/landing page
across Facebook,
Instagram & Google Ads.
Referral Recruitment
Enables to involve employees or candidates/applicants in referral recruitment process to reduce hiring cycle & costs using gamification.
Video/audio interviews
Augment your tpractices with video and audio to strengthen the content, message or brand.
FAQ automation
AI-powered FAQs will provide any answer for any question.
Enables you automatically to track every actionable result and score it.
more features:
Structure referral campaigns in the way you want due to segmentations and tags.
Allows to gather critical data to
increase user engagement, acquisition, etc.
Integrating chatbot to any other ATS, CRM, email platform, etc. using open APIs, Zappier, Integromat.
And other features
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