New opportunities for
Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies will benefit from Chatbot technologies applied in core recruitment activities
Improve the efficiency of core activities
By using our recruitment chatbots, you automate repetitive processes and focus on more value-adding aspects that lead to higher clients' satisfaction. Best practices in attracting and selecting candidates could be easily implemented across the whole agency. Best marketing approaches in attracting candidates are at your disposal due to the awesome ecosystem around chatbot technologies.

Building funnels & Leads generation
Attract clients with Chatbot technologies. They allow you to discover clients from popular social groups & engage them in in-depth communication.
You'll know exactly who your customer is & what they want - tag and segment clients through natural conversations.
Establish permanent relationships using popular messaging channels.
Decrease recruitment costs
Activate new sourcing channels and enrich candidates' engagement.

Easily launch Candidate Referral programs with messengers.

Put on autopilot, which is the process of updating candidates' info to make your candidate DB alive and shorten the recruitment cycle.

Differentiate yourself from competitors
Differentiate the markets & offer clients additional services using AI-powered chatbots.
Chatbots is a new trend and your customers will appreciate your innovative approaches. As a result, you will be ensured greater attraction, engagement and selection of candidates at a much lower cost. Your clients' satisfaction level will be improved.

Our extensive recruitment experience at your disposal
Industry experience
Our combined years of experience in the recruitment industry exceeds decades. We ran various recruitment missions starting from student to professional recruitment. We put our deep knowledge of industry standards and requirements including experience of working with Global Employers into the art of building Recruitment Chatbots.
We know the recruitment process
from A to Z

We have conducted hundreds of recruitment campaigns, conducted thousands of interviews and know every step in the recruitment process. We talk your language and are ready to help you transform your current hiring practices into innovative recruitment.
Candidates expectations
We know what active job seekers look for in their future Employer and what they expect from the recruitment process.
We have experience of engaging passive candidates who are satisfied with their current jobs and know how to impress them with your unique job proposal.
We bridge the gaps between Candidates and Employers by means of 24/7 engagement.