Electronic Cards
Integration with
Mobile Wallets (Apple & Android)

Validate your connection electronically with a Talent and expand the interaction
Innovative Weapon for
HR, Recruitment & Marketing
Integration of Chatbots with Mobile Wallets (Apple & Android)

Electronic Cards are passes which are created and stored
in Mobile Wallets (Apple & Android) application

Use Cases
Talent Pool Card
Vacancy Card
Appointment Card
Employee Advocacy / Referral Recruitment

Why you should use Electronic Cards?
Instant access to vacancies for candidates
Referral Points
Access to exclusive materials, offers & programs
Push notifications (locked screen)
Visual validation
Omnichannel communication
Your brand, your content, right at your Talents' fingertips
Complement your existing marketing channels including messengers
Sending URLs including shorten versions & texts
Reduced costs for SMS to 0 (used as a replacement for SMS)
Independent from FB Messenger's Terms Of Use & other social media