Recruitment Chatbot + Targeted Distribution =
Amazing Combination as Never Before

To Get the Best Results We Land Traffic
Directly to a ChatBot or a Dedicated Landing Page
Smart recruitment funnels with ChatBot
We build recruitment funnels using Targeted Advertising with built-in Chatbots which increases the conversion rate: number of applications.

Our approach of combining Targeted Advertising and ChatBot technology attracts both Passive and Active candidates across the Internet, leading them through the recruitment funnel.
Creating Campaigns
We create advertising campaigns for ChatBots across Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads turning the Internet into a huge recruitment platform. We can lead the traffic both to a ChatBot or to a specially designed landing page.
Audience analysis & Targeting
Before launching any campaign we precisely analyse audiences based on location, age, gender, interests, and behaviors. Also, we build custom and lookalike audiences based on the past and existing candidates/applicants.
Optimizing Campaigns
We always test images, text, headlines, do A/B tests, and more to ensure your ads are performing at their highest ability without wasting even a penny.
We also apply Optimization Rules tool to create specific custom rules and apply them to campaigns. This effectively helps to achieve specific advertising goals.
How We Work
Briefing &
Understanding the goals, target audiences, timings & start creating advertising campaigns across channels
Launching &
Upon approving the media-plan, understanding the target audience, the campaign is set up and then goes to live
Analysing & Optimizating
When the campaign goes live, we analyse results online across channels and set Optimization Rules based on triggers
Debriefing & Recommendations
When campaign is over we do reporting and provide recommendations for future campaigns