Marketing with Employees &
the Next Big Thing:
Are You in?

A New Era in Referral Marketing is here...
Are you in the game?

Messenger Marketing is a New Big Trend. Chatbots have Open Rate of 90%, a Click Through Rates of 50%, less than 1% of Users Unsubscribe, and more than 2,5 billion users only with FB messenger app. Is your company in the game?

Reach customers where they are &
in the way they Love

With billions of users, the messenger app is a new and the most powerful marketing channel to reach your customers. People love chatting and prefer it to email. ChatBots create a more human feeling and higher customer engagement experience.
Enhance your Word of Mouth strategies
with Messenger Marketing

Launch Employee Advocacy programs with messenger apps
Convert your Employees into Brand Advocates by engaging them in promoting your company, brands, products, or services through their messengers. Doing it with messenger apps makes it easy and very powerful.
Why Employee Advocacy with messenger apps?
Employee Advocacy has proven to be a powerful Marketing engine that enhances the vital business functions such as Sales, Communication, HR, and Marketing itself. Running advocacy programs with the messenger app drives high results as never before:
Increase Reach, Awareness &
Personalised & very high customer
engagement experience 24/7/365
Faster than other channels
Enhanced feelings of one company
Differentiation from competitors
Very structured & result oriented