Game changer for HR &
Talent Acquisition Teams

AI Recruitment Chatbots get you to the next level up
Cut Recruitment Cost & Time per Hire
Focus on decision making. Automate up to 75% of all repetitive recruitment activities on the scale, such as sourcing, prescreening, interviewing, answering questions, scheduling, resume updating, etc.
Boost the productivity of your Teams
Simplify and enhance your current recruitment processes. Easily apply continuous improvement practices to the hiring stages. Let your team focus on the most important activities while chatbot performs the routine work.
Improve your Employer Brand & Apply Rates
Show your culture and make the candidate's engagement personalised & unforgettable. Let AI-powered bots communicate with candidates naturally 24/7/365. As a result your prospective candidates will be better informed and motivated, which will lead to higher application rates.
Build Talent Pools & Rediscover Candidates
Activate all the sources to make the best hiring decisions. Rediscover prospective candidates you are already in touch with in just one click or fully automate the process. Updating candidates' resumes on autopilot will dramatically shorten the recruitment cycle.
Make On-boarding Easy & Fast
After the hiring process is completed, simplify the on-boarding process in order to build an emotional connection with recruited candidates. This very first communication creates a positive impression from the beginning. This will also ensure that all documents are prepared & the necessary steps are taken.
Be there where Candidates are
Messenger Marketing is a New Big Trend. With billions of users, the messenger app is a new and the most powerful marketing channel to reach your prospective candidates. Exploiting this trending channel will boost your HR & Talent Acquisition results.
Our extensive recruitment experience at your disposal
Industry experience
Our combined years of experience in the recruitment industry exceeds decades. We ran various recruitment missions starting from student to professional recruitment. We put our in-depth knowledge of industry standards and requirements including experience of working with Global Employers into the art of building Recruitment Chatbots.
We know the recruitment process
from A to Z

We have conducted hundreds of recruitment campaigns, held thousands of interviews and know every step in the recruitment process. We speak your language and are ready to help you transform your current hiring practices into innovative recruitment.
Candidates expectations
We know what active job seekers look for in their future Employers and what they expect from the recruitment process.
We have experience of engaging passive candidates who are satisfied with their current jobs and know how to impress them with your unique job proposal.
We bridge the gaps between Candidates and Employers through 24/7 engagement.