Referral Recruitment & Employee Advocacy
with ChatBots

Experience a new approach in Employee Advocacy & Referral Recruitment and
put the practices on autopilot with AI-powered chatbots
Our Referral Bots include:
Referral Recruitment Bot
Employee Advocacy Bot

Engaging Employees into Word of Mouth &
Talent Acquisition Practices on Messenger

Activate the most popular channels.
No new apps are needed as you can use the messenger app which your employees and prospective candidates love and exploit every day.
Reduce costs & time
It is very simple to set up the Employee Advocacy & Referral programs with Chatbots and start getting benefits from them with no costs for advertising and instant distribution. No IT needed.
Autopilot with Chatbot
All processes will be programmed and set up with Chatbot and work automatically. No human touch or error.
Increase marketing results
Increase Reach, Engagement, Awareness with implementing Employee Advocacy & Referral programs with messenger apps.
No Change to Your Process
We don't interfere with any of your company's policies or systems. Our app seamlessly complements your referral programs.
Unleash the potential of
your employees
Enhance your current marketing strategies by driving digital media influence through the company's employees. They are your the most loyal marketing assets.
How it works
Engage your Employees
Inviting and instructing employees directly in the messenger
Set content & perks
Putting content, setting gamification rules & perks
Put on autopilot
Starting campaigns with one click through Employee - Chatbot communication
Analyze and optimize
Gathering data, analysing and optimising the process
Employee engagement
Engage your employees into the referral program with
no new apps but with the messenger in which
they love & use every day.
FAQ automation
AI-powered FAQs will provide answers for repetitive questions.
Enables you automatically to track every actionable result and score it.
Video/audio announcements
Augment practices with video and audio to strengthen the content, message or brand.
Referral tracking
Every sharable URL is tracked and assigned to a referrer.
Job or content
Distribute your jobs or content with one click. Choose the right referrers to share with.
Other features:
Integration with Recruitment Chatbot
Enhance the referral recruitment program with Recruitment Chatbot to screen candidates and make the process the most effective.
Rules & processes setting
Before going online, all processes and rules are programmed, set up and work automatically.
Gamification &
incentives setting
Gamification rules, perks are set up on back-end and work automatically.
Allows gathering critical data to
increase user engagement, acquisition, etc.
Structure referral campaigns in the way you want through segmentation and tags.
Human takeover
If there is a complex request the chatbot cannot handle it. Human Takeover enables a smooth transition to one of your specialists.
Integrating chatbot to ATS, CRM, email platform, etc. using open APIs, Zapier, Integromat.
And other features
Please, request a demo to learn more...