Your second brain in recruitment...

Great Chatbot features will boost
your recruitment practices:

Attracts passive & active candidates from social groups using advertising tools directly to chatbot or landing page.
FAQ automation
Engages candidates with
AI-powered FAQs before & during the application & interview stages.
Gets as much information as possible right from the first interactions with candidates: Email, Phone, etc. Segment with tags all users for customised communications.
Video/audio interviewing
Creates more personalised experience for a candidate & provides one more selection tool to understand if an applicant is a good fit for the company.
Provides hired candidates with detailed steps, documents to be prepared and other useful information for their first day and beyond.
Job search
Helps prospective candidates to find relevant jobs matching their skills and experience.
other awesome features:
Pre-screening &
Enables you to screen every application and focus on the most relevant candidates by asking them certain questions & ranking with scores.
Candidates rediscovery
Updates candidates' data on autopilot to shorten the recruitment cycle.
Interview scheduling
Schedules interviews with qualified candidates automatically in a self-select mode and integrates with calendars.
Enables candidates to apply by uploading their resumes, building a custom profile or recording short audio or video applications.
Ongoing feedback to candidates/applicants
Provides feedback to candidates on every stage of the hiring process.
Referral recruitment
Involves employees or candidates in referral recruitment process to reduce hiring cycle & costs using gamification.
Recruitment Marketing Automation
Establishes permanent engagement with the talent/applicant pool using broadcasting sequences.
And many other features
Please, request a demo to learn more about other features...