You cannot just build it
and forget

Shali Gabisonia, Product Lead

After you have built your Recruitment Referral Chatbot, you will inevitably face the necessity of maintaining, managing and developing it further
All activities related to your bot can be divided into several groups:
Group 1: Measuring the effectiveness

Group 2: Filling with and updating content

Group 3: Working with AI module and educating the bot

Group 4: Functional updates
Group 1
Measuring the effectiveness
While observing the way your bot operates and by collecting the first analytical data, you will immediately see where your Interlocutor (Potential Candidate) either quits the dialogue or switches to a different topic. You will also see at which point your bot loses track of conversation and starts repeating that it does not know the answer, being just a bot.

As a result, you will follow up with introducing changes in the scenario and logic of the conversation, adding information and thus educating your bot.
    Group 2
    Filling with and updating content
    In case you are keen on keeping your users active and interested, instead of dropping from the clouds once in six months with an invitation or announcement, your bot should be continuously updated with diverse information. Every new piece of information should stand for a new discussion flow.

    Let us look closer at the types of information that you should regularly update.
      Examples of bot's modules
      need to be updated
      on regular basis
      Group 3
      Working with AI module and educating the bot
      If your bot is either equipped with an AI module or developed on an NLP powered platform for interactive dialogue interface, you should be ready for careful and consistent work on educating your bot, especially at the initial stages.

      It is highly important to ensure that your interlocutor understands the focus and specialization of your bot (it will repeatedly remind you about this). In other words, discussing the weather with your bot will be of no use (still, you can also include some weather-focused dialogue if you wish).

      Educating a bot is an exciting process. You will be surprised to learn how many different ways exist to ask the same question related to a job opening or your company's office address. Trust us, your virtual buddy's vocabulary will glow dramatically in a short period of time.
      Group 4
      Functional updates
      Any chatbot platform (conditional logic & AI-powered) all the time seeks to improve and enhance its functionality.

      This is not just an assumption, but a true fact based on our observations and monitoring the best and leading chatbot platforms. We are also happy to acknowledge that most of the existing functions and options are very useful. Now let us have a look at some functions already automated in our chatbot.
      Enhancing Employer Brand dramatically
      AI recruitment ChatBot dramatically enhances Employer Brand enabling you to be there where Candidates are used to and love to chat.
      Sourcing candidates in different channels
      AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sources candidates in Social Media, Internet, with Referral approach, in existing DB, career pages, job boards, emails, etc.
      Screening & shortlisting candidates
      AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically conducts video interviews and selection, collects resumes, schedules interviews, provides directions and performs other routines.
      Managing recruitment logistics & administration
      AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sends offers, collects candidate feedbacks, asks questions, sends reject messages, creates and developes Talent Pools, etc.
      On-boarding & probation period administration
      AI Recruitment ChatBot sends contracts and reminders, provides on-boarding instructions, controls the probation period by gathering feedbacks from new hires or conducting on-boarding & probation satisfaction surveys, conducts exit interviews, etc.
      Activating Recruitment Referral campaigns
      AI Recruitment ChatBot conducts Referral Recruitment campaigns, rewards referrals and controls the entire process.
      Employer Branding
      Talent Sourcing
      Talent Converting
      Offers / Rejections
      Hires &
      Recruitment Funnel
      How AI Chatbot
      redefines the stages
      AI Recruitment Chatbot
      The value and effectiveness of our bot consist of its ability to significantly automate your processes and respond to priority goals and tasks.
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