Why Does Recruiting Not End with Hiring an Employee?

By Shali Gabisonia, Product Lead

Do you know how a standard recruitment process flow used to look like some times ago?
Getting a request from business for filling a job role

Creating an applicant profile

Defining a strategy for search and selection




The whole recruitment funnel was focused on one goal, i.e. filling a job. However, we cannot call such an approach effective any longer. If you are thinking in terms of a single indicator, i.e., successful filling of a job role, which includes the cost of recruitment, time of search and the number of candidates selected, then you are running the risk of losing strong candidates who have already become employees, but their lifecycle in your organization has been too short or not that successful.

The process of candidate onboarding and his/her transition to the employee status and Company's Advocate is a meaningful bridge from the candidate's decision to work towards his/her readiness to recommend you to others. The latter will signify his/her satisfaction with his/her choice of your company as an employer.

This is why the modern recruitment funnel you use to align the processes of search, attraction and selection should be built this way.

AI Chatbot Redefines Every Stage of the Recruitment Funnel and Puts all Activities on Autopilot
Enhancing Employer Brand dramatically
AI recruitment ChatBot dramatically enhances Employer Brand enabling you to be there where Candidates are used to and love to chat.
Sourcing candidates in different channels
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sources candidates in Social Media, Internet, with Referral approach, in existing DB, career pages, job boards, emails, etc.
Screening & shortlisting candidates
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically conducts video interviews and selection, collects resumes, schedules interviews, provides directions and performs other routines.
Managing recruitment logistics & administration
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sends offers, collects candidate feedbacks, asks questions, sends reject messages, creates and developes Talent Pools, etc.
On-boarding & probation period administration
AI Recruitment ChatBot sends contracts and reminders, provides on-boarding instructions, controls the probation period by gathering feedbacks from new hires or conducting on-boarding & probation satisfaction surveys, conducts exit interviews, etc.
Activating Recruitment Referral campaigns
AI Recruitment ChatBot conducts Referral Recruitment campaigns, rewards referrals and controls the entire process.
Employer Branding
Talent Sourcing
Talent Converting
Offers / Rejections
Hires &
Recruitment Funnel
How AI Chatbot
redefines the stages
AI Recruitment Chatbot
After the candidate has accepted your offer, you should assist him/her in comfortably passing the following stages of hiring:
Where and when he/she should go to complete employment formalities. It seems very simple, but you would hardly find anyone enjoying his/her visits to Security, HR, Accounting Office, Medical Centers. Make this process easier for your new hire, equip him/her with a roadmap featuring the places, names and meeting schedules.
Show to your new hire right away which documents he/she should sign, which documents he/she should have at hand and how these should look like. In case you have a well-established electronic workflow, make sure you provide your new hire with system access and allow him/her quickly upload everything where needed.
Corporate rules and guidelines
Provide these immediately for your new hire's reference.
Office/Production/Cafe/etc. Tours
Getting to know the office space, production facilities, restaurant / canteen, etc. No matter how stress-resistant or extravert an individual might be, any change brings stress. Let him/her come to the new office and feel like he/she has already been here before. Build a VR tour around your office and/or production facilities. Give your new hire the details and hints only you, and the Team know (where the cups, plates and napkins are, where the sunny side of the office is, where the air conditioner if it is blowing too much, where you can hide away to have some rest during the day break, where it feels most comfortable to work, where the best business lunches are, etc.).
Bring your new hire together with the people who are going to be his/her new team. Of course they will find a common language as soon as they meet, BUT! Just trust me, this meeting will be twice as productive should your new hire communicate with the team a bit earlier in a virtual setting.
Compulsory learning
In case diving deeper into the role implies taking a number of compulsory courses (this might be predetermined by the role specifics, corporate policy, etc.), ensure that your new hire has instant access to all these resources and that both of you can track the progress.
«Where should I go if…»
Such questions may cover issues ranging from daily routines to security aspects. In your new hire's phone, the names and contacts of people who can assist in solving these issues in case of emergency should be stored.
You do not need to install any complicated technology to ensure quicker onboarding of your new hires and their smoother transition towards the Employee Advocacy program. All this can be perfectly arranged by means of an AI-based recruitment chatbot, which can lead your employee right to the end of recruitment funnel with due comfort and ease.
To learn more about each stage of Recruitment Funnel Automation via AI, Chatbot download our detailed guide.
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