Why Should Recruiters
Consider 'Hiring' a ChatBot?

By Shali Gabisonia, Product Lead
Not long ago, LinkedIn has surveyed several hundreds of companies. Respondents have reported that the volume of recruitment grows and will not decline; at the same time, the number and size of recruitment teams will remain practically the same.
On top that, 61% of survey participants said that their companies plan to reduce their recruitment budgets or keep these at the same level.

Many professionals discuss:

- What should we do in the context of scarce resources and growing demand?
- How to maintain the due quality of selection and assessment?
- How can we raise the productivity of TA teams?
The development of chatbots by no means implies the intention of companies to minimise the in-person communication with candidates.
And this is the moment where recruitment chatbots can take the stage greeted by applause, then be forgotten, and warmly welcomed again.

However, one thing we can be completely sure of is that over the past two years, AI-based technology and social networks have made a gigantic step forward.

Therefore, if you continue to feel sceptical about spending time on implementing these technologies, do not waste your time on scepticism. Keep it for other situations. «Invite» a recruitment chatbot to your team and make him an indispensable part of your crew in just a couple of weeks.

It should be emphasised that the development of chatbots by no means implies the intention of companies to minimize in-person communication with candidates.
On the contrary, recruitment chatbots make communication with candidates personalised, effective and even fun. They help in building long-term relations and improving the perception of your company with the target audience. You will even attract referees who would share their experience of interacting with others.
Let us look at the benefits recruitment chatbots offer to Talent Acquisition Teams and Departments:
Reduction of time-to-hire
Reduction of recruitment costs and growth of recruitment team's productivity
Employer Brand improvement and better recognition with the target audience and the market at large
Established communication with candidates in new channels with a higher-level penetration of messengers and greater usability
Established Talent Pool, high-quality communication with target groups of passive and active candidates
Simplified process of new hires onboarding and analysis of their perception of the company before and after becoming an employee
Active involvement of existing employees in the Employee Advocacy and Referral Recruitment programs
For a detailed description of benefits, chatbots can bring to your TA teams, check out our information guide here.
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