What is a chatbot and what should not stop you from working with them?

Shali Gabisonia, Product Lead

Evolution is now the most heard word, which even reminds us of revolution. Both notions imply quick change connected primarily with technological progress in all aspects of life.
Some of these changes are obvious and we can see them daily. While some are rather subtle and we often do not notice them, for instance, the ways and means of modern communication (manner, expectations, language, etc.).
If earlier communication used to be limited by geography, culture, time, or technology, now we live in a world where communication with strangers develops in a matter of seconds. Moreover, we currently witness the growth of the new generation that prefers remote communication to traditional. It does not actually matter to them who their interlocutor is or how he/she looks like. Their perception of virtual and real communication is the same.
Therefore, the number of people using popular messengers like WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram has been growing exponentially. Only Facebook reports that the number of people monthly using the FB Messenger has acceded 2.5 billion individuals. We have long eliminated all visible boarders for communication. That means it is high time for businesses to start using the benefits of managed communications and resolving multiple issues at a time. In other words, the question of chatbots enhancement in favour of business is quite urgent.
It is a chatbot that allows a business to become as close to future and current employees as possible. This is a quick and simple assistant or interactive communicator built into your website, application, or messenger, while its functionality is defined by communication goals and objectives, which you set and oversee. You decide where this communication is going to take your interlocutor.
For a detailed Description of Opportunities that Recruiting Chatbots could bring to your business and main "Concerns" that could stop you from its implementation check out our information guide
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