Network of Trust

By Vika Pralich, Content Design Lead
Employee Advocacy and Referral Recruitment programs with messengers stand for a new trend in corporate culture; they focus on the growth of trust, visibility, wealth of information and high-quality communication.
Aspects of Trust, Truth, and Openness appear in the process of quality change when we communicate with employees, leaders and those who do not work for us. This makes us think of supporting our brand in online channels by means of different instruments, and these instruments include referral tools and referral recruitment chatbots.
Why social networks and messengers?
The level of trust towards information distributed via official and corporate channels keeps declining. You have long noticed the habit to re-check information. Firstly, you find the data via search engines, then you check it by asking friends or community members in messengers or looking in Facebook or other social networks that you use. What is more important for you: a product advertisement by its official manufacturer or authorised distributor? A semi-direct conversation with the manufacturer reps in messenger or those who have already tried and tested the product? Social networks and messengers are here to support conversations, relationships, and information exchange (opinions, criticism, reviews, stories, emotions, etc.). These channels are not about communications between brands, technologies, or products.
People. There are People behind everything
People build trust. It is a common understanding that any support of brand and product leads to the growth of sales. At the same time, not all of us acknowledge that diverse people (or advocates) who show different facets of the brand or product to us immediately influence these sales results.

We should emphasise that it is not the number of product-related posts, but rather the number of people with different outlooks and experiences speaking about the same product that enhance its visibility, raise awareness and grow the number of pro and contra opinions. This is something you should keep in mind if you are still measuring the success of your marketing campaigns by the number of posts, responses, etc. If you want to be effective on the Internet and in social media, you should stick to the idea of «people building trust».

So, this is where the key question emerges.
How can we make communications in social media and messengers with our prospective candidates, customers, admirers most natural and effective?
Companies, brands, product reps, technology developers, service and idea generators find not only creativity important, but also maintain, drive, and manage communication. It quite naturally requires significant effort and investment. Your potential customers or candidates will find it easier to communicate with those who already work for you and influence your business rather than faceless advertisements.

It is important that you both involve your staff in your brand communications and build a strong system within the company. It ensures unrestricted, conscious, motivated sharing of expertise on the part of your advocates representing your brand, company, and product.

It is clear that the task discussed above is a true challenge. Moreover, we are talking of employees working full-time with KPIs pending. Many of them are using social networks and messengers to look through or post pictures, learn what is happening with their friends and in the world, but not to talk about work or anything related to their professional occupation.
Different industries use different channels of communication and diverse specialists to drive these channels. Some involve partners; others involve agents, representatives, salespeople, etc. Some hire journalists or other media people to shape professional brand content.

Just think: What is easier for you? To teach an expert from your company, or to teach a third-party journalist/blogger to be an expert in something they have never done before? When you answer this question, you will understand that the people you need are already there by your side. These are your employees.

Today, many digital marketers and strategists are focused on the number of subscribers, views, unique page visits, etc. Is it the key to success?

It is Referral and Employee Advocacy programs, and Referral chatbots that will ensure greater visibility and better perception of your employer brand. They will strengthen the trust and interest in your business.
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