Candidates Prefer Messenger to Phone Calling?

By Shali Gabisonia, Products Lead
No one would ever argue the importance of personal interactions. Personal communication somewhat guarantees a positive development of relations between the two parties, particularly if both are focused on establishing such relations.
Before the emergence of messengers, you would take your phone and call a person you do not know, which was a common practice. Messengers have dramatically changed the attitude towards the process of getting acquainted and further building and developing relations.

It has also significantly impacted the way employers currently build relations with candidates, Millennials in particular. According to the OpenMarket research, 75% of representatives in Generation Y (Millennials) prefer text to voice messages. It turns out that the whole generation represented by a vast group of people in the active phase of their professional and career development does not feel like spending their time on telephone conversations, let alone the next Generation.

Let us look closer at the key reasons why candidates prefer text messages more, and what are the benefits for companies.
This is Convenient in every way. You can read and respond to messages anytime; you always have time to think over your response, you can write things that you just cannot say out loud for some reason. There is no such notion as an inconvenient time for a call here. There is always a comfortable time for a talk that you create while texting.
This is Quick. Statistics show that an average user reads messages in his/her messenger within 3 minutes after receiving them, and what is most important is that he reacts almost immediately. Of course, we are not talking about spam.
This is Private. Communication via messenger feels like more private and safe (as compared to phone conversations).

This gives you Control. Equally distributed between the parties involved in communication as related to time, frequency of follow-ups, conversation navigation and responses to difficult questions.
You now have a common Story. Moreover, this story is well documented, so you can refer to it without trying to recall something no one remembers any longer.

This is Cheap; the geography of your partner does not matter. Of course, there are countries imposing certain limitations, but we are talking about developed economies where the Internet is accessible almost anywhere and often free of charge. Telecom providers often would not charge texting in messengers. In other words, your chances to receive a response from a candidate based in a different country are quite big.
This is Compact. All your messaging history, documents, and links would be stored in one place.
This is Not Depersonalized. I just want you to read this word as it is. When communicating via messenger, both you and your partner have a good chance to see each other's face on a photograph.
Using messengers as a primary channel of communication with candidates, you immediately build a close connection with the candidate. It makes your relationship very personalized.

This will require a different attitude and openness of all parties involved. We are lucky enough to have recruitment AI chatbots that allow the quick establishment of contacts with prospective candidates without unnecessary formalities.
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