How a chatbot can show and tell about your office space

By Vika Pralich, Content Design Lead

LinkedIn has recently surveyed 14 000 employees around the world and called this research "Inside the mind of the candidate."
People all over the world were asked to share how they prefer collecting information about employers and via which channels they would like to learn more about their company of interest, its culture, etc.

The results turned out to be the following:
We can see that 51% of survey participants prefer shaping their own vision of the company by means of visiting its office. Of course, it is quite clear for us that ultimately an opinion will be based on a mix of all the above factors, including communications with the hiring manager and existing employees, checking out the corporate website, etc. BUT! The first place in this rating is still occupied by the office visit, which means a lot. In other words, an individual finds it important to find him/herself inside the company and visualize his/her presence in this corporate setting.
Researches show some more interesting statistics: the older, more experienced and professional the candidate is, the greater the chance that they will accept your job offer only after they have made a well-detailed exploration of the working conditions and environment including your office space. 63% of employees surveyed confirmed this.
So what is the conclusion? It is simple and obvious – you should show your office to your candidates in the most attractive and engaging manner. Walk your candidates to places where you work, where your products are manufactured, show your processes from the inside. Let your candidates imagine they are there right in your office. In its turn, a recruitment chatbot can make this possible quickly and effectively.
1. 360-degree office tours are easy to make. It is also quite simple to upload these into your bots. Thus traveling around your office will be on your future employees' fingertips. They will easily navigate from one part of your office to another, exploring the environment and their potential workplace. Such tours will not only allow observation, but also studying details by means of built-in interactive bookmarks.
2. VR video tours imply live interaction with the candidate and a deeper dive into the virtual reality world of your office or manufacturing facility. These might be short messages on behalf of your employees, reviews, or interviews. Only your imagination is the limit here.
3. Video interviews with employees at the office, manufacturing facility, shop, etc. These interviews or conversations can be masterfully intertwined with diverse scenarios maintained by your bot, enhancing the impression and effect of what bot is telling about the company, job openings, etc.
4. Live feeds from company events in diverse locations.
The most important thing is that it will not take you long to prepare and implement all these video and photo tours, feeds, sketches, broadcasts, essays, and stories. It might require just a couple of hours from an idea towards a picture inside your bot. In its turn, when communicated to your target audience, this picture might convert into a real candidate. Well, it will not be virtual yet, but it is already your common reality.
Download our Guide and study all possible approaches to How quickly and engagingly introduce a Company to your Candidate using a Recruitment Chatbot.
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