AI Recruitment Chatbots and HR Trends

Vika Pralich, Content Design Lead

Let us have a closer look at the TOP 8 HR trends focused on the Search, Attraction, and Selection of candidates. Please download our Guide on Recruitment AI Chatbots and HR Trends for a detailed overview.
Top 8 HR Trends
Trend #1: Recruitment and technology trends – using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots
Chatbots and AI-based solutions are focused on raising the effectiveness of recruitment. It automates routine, repetitive processes and activities.
Trend #2: Recruitment marketing
Recruitment marketing implies using marketing methods and tools to attract attention, develop and strengthen Employer Brand. In other words, recruitment marketing is a process of building Employer Brand in diverse channels, including social media, career websites, job boards, etc. The key goal of recruitment marketing consists in conveying the correct message to the target audience of job candidates in due time with the opportunity to continuously maintain this contact.
Trend #3: Employer Brand
To attract the best talent to your company, you should have a well-shaped and active Employer Brand strategy. The power of an Employer Brand is built on the market perception of your organisation, reputation, the messages you send to market via your values, vision, and mission.

Automation in recruitment has so far led to much more simplified processes of communicating with target audiences. It has become easier to display your brand in a way you need to, to build the desired image and perception of your organisation.
Trend #4: Candidate's experience with the company throughout the recruitment process
Modern employer brand strategies should, first, consider the candidate's experience. To win this war for talent, you should work on the technology side of your communication with prospective employees.

Trend # 5: Building and expanding external and internal pools of candidates (internal and external talent acquisition)
Continuous expansion of internal and external pools of candidates is the basis for effective performance and productivity of Recruitment Department or Team.
Trend # 6: Social recruitment and referral programs (Advocacy Programs)
Social networks and messengers have long become as popular as traditional recruitment channels. Moreover, technology capability demonstrated by social networks and messengers outplays the current traditional channels. It allows us to develop referral and social recruitment programs by attracting existing employees or external potential candidates.
Trend #7: Data driven recruitment and HR analytics
It is critically important for recruitment teams/departments to receive segmented data for each candidate profile. They should see which activities they perform to search, attract, assess, and select candidates bring the best results.
Trend #8: Mobile recruitment
LinkedIn research has shown that 72% of candidates visit career pages and corporate accounts in social networks via mobile devices and only 45% of them apply to job openings. At the same time, only 13% of companies have so far adapted their recruitment process to mobile devices. It appears that candidates and employers currently choose different channels of communication with candidates looking for opportunities to respond to vacancies on the go, whilst employers invite them into the depth of their corporate websites with multiples registrations and verifications.
To learn more about the way recruitment and referral AI chatbots can manage a wide range of tasks and issues within the trends discussed above, download of new brochure AI Recruitment Chatbots and Trends in HR.
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