AI Chatbots & Automation
for HR, Recruitment and

We build Revolutionary Recruitment Funnels, enhance personalized conversations with Talents and dramatically drive HR, Talent Acquisition & Referral Efficiency
AI Recruitment Chatbot
by AIBotPlanet


#1- Best Industry bot,
Consulting & Professional Services
in the world's largest ManyChat Bot Building Contest 2019
(bot platform #1 on Facebook)
We build Custom Innovative Digital Products
To Make Life of HR, Recruitment & Marketing Teams Easier
AI Recruitment, Talent Pool
& HR Chatbots
Use the Next Big Thing in your Talent Acquisition practices. Improve your efficiency and dramatically drive Talent engagement.

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Referral Recruitment & Employee Advocacy Chatbots
Helps to engage your most loyal Brand Advocates into the Word of Mouth & Talent Acquisition Practices with Messenger.

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Chatbots Distribution

Targeted distribution solutions including targeted advertising, traffic to chatbots or landing pages, Programmatic Job advertising.

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Electronic Cards-
Integration with Mobile Wallets
(Apple & Android)
This allows to electronically validate your connection with a Talent & expand the interaction.

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We help implement AI-powered solutions,
Chatbots & Automation into HR processes
Chatbot is able to optimize & centralize
HR processes by means of automating all routine activities and dramatically decreasing costs & time

AI Chatbot Redefines Every Stage of the
Recruitment Funnel, and Put all Activities on Autopilot
Enhancing Employer Brand dramatically
AI recruitment ChatBot dramatically enhances Employer Brand enabling you to be there where Candidates are used to and love to chat.
Sourcing candidates in different channels
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sources candidates in Social Media, Internet, with Referral approach, in existing DB, career pages, job boards, emails, etc.
Screening & shortlisting candidates
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically conducts video interviews and selection, collects resumes, schedules interviews, provides directions and performs other routines.
Managing recruitment logistics & administration
AI Recruitment ChatBot automatically sends offers, collects candidate feedbacks, asks questions, sends reject messages, creates and developes Talent Pools, etc.
On-boarding & probation period administration
AI Recruitment ChatBot sends contracts and reminders, provides on-boarding instructions, controls the probation period by gathering feedbacks from new hires or conducting on-boarding & probation satisfaction surveys, conducts exit interviews, etc.
Activating Recruitment Referral campaigns
AI Recruitment ChatBot conducts Referral Recruitment campaigns, rewards referrals and controls the entire process.
Employer Branding
Talent Sourcing
Talent Converting
Offers / Rejections
Hires &
Recruitment Funnel
How AI Chatbot
redefines the stages
AI Recruitment Chatbot
AI-powered ChatBots Revolutionize the Way of Communication between Candidates and Recruiters
Candidates have instant access to company's info and direct connection with recruiters & hiring managers, track statuses 24/7. All is done - via Messenger.
Recruiters enjoy dramatic cuttings on recruitment costs & time-to-hire. All routines are put on autopilot: from sourcing to on-boarding. More focus on decisions.
HR, Hiring & Marketing Teams Get Amazing Results Portal -
Innovative Way to Source & Hire Talents
with prebuilt AI Recruitment Chatbots